25 Jul 2015

Easy green window cleaning

How would you like to clean your windows without using window cleaner and paper towels?

Someone was telling about this washable and reusable cleaning cloth that cleans windows with just water and doesn't leave any streaks.  I thought it sounded like a great idea, but my first thought was, if I buy one of these, then I have to clean my windows.  A friend of mine tried one and really liked it, so I bought one for myself and a couple more to give away.  I tried it out when I got home and I love it!  It was quick and easy.  My front and back door windows had been in need of cleaning for quite some time, but not now.  I had always used rags and a bucket of water in the past, but this is so much quicker and easier.  It will be great for car windows too because they are awkward to clean.
paper towels, windex, clean windows, tj's green adventure

All you have to do is wet the cloth, wring out the excess water and wipe the window.  When you are done, throw it in the washing machine with your other laundry.  Just make sure you don't use fabric softener.  If you do use fabric softener by mistake, wash the cloth a  few times to get out the residue.  Since it is already wet and wrung out when it comes out of the washing machine, you could do a bit more cleaning if you want.

Think of how much time and money you can save.  And even better, think of all the window cleaner and the chemicals it contains, and all the paper towels that you no longer need.

Green Highlights:

  • do not need to use window cleaner
  • do not need paper towels
  • saves money
Do you clean your windows without chemicals and paper towels?

contact information on the package is Garry 519-641-2343 garrydes@rogers.com


11 Jul 2015

Red solo cup

This is the time for year for picnics, barbeques and backyard get togethers.  Along with that comes the red solo cup and other disposable cups.  Reusable cups and mugs are a better choice, but if you are going to use disposable cups, shop wisely and choose ones that are recyclable.  Recycling in my home town of London, Ontario has expanded to include plastic cups and paper coffee cups and lids.  The coffee cup and lid just need to be separated before putting both in the blue box.
plastic cup, paper cup, disposable cups, tj's green adventure
recyclable plastic cups
So often when I am at a social function where disposable cups are used, most of them end up in the garbage.  Check to see what is recyclable in your area and purchase cups that can be recycled.  Have your blue box handy and let your guests know that they go in the blue box.  We need to change our way of thinking and think of these as recyclable cups and not disposable cups.

Green Highlights:
  • recycling disposable cups
  • reducing waste going to landfills
Are plastic cups recyclable in your area?


6 Jul 2015

Saving with a mulching blade

My college days started and ended with a summer semester.  I took a full 2 year program in 16 consecutive months.  By the time the last semester came around, I was looking for any break I could get and I found one with cutting the lawn.

It takes close to an hour to cut my lawn and is a workout all on its own.  In the spring, I usually had to cut the lawn every 4 days and later in the season I could leave it for up to 7 days depending on how much rain we had.  If I left it longer, there would be clumps of grass left behind that would have to be raked or the grass would die underneath.
mulching blade, mowing the lawn, grass, tj's green adventure
For some reason, when we bought our lawnmower I thought it had a mulching blade, but it turns out that it did not.  So, I went to Canadian Tire and bought one for $20.99 plus tax.  That was in the spring of 2013 and I'm so glad I did.  This season I have been cutting every 8 to 10 days and we have had our share of rain.  I am saving time by not mowing as often and can use that time for something else instead (like getting caught up on yard work).  Mowing less often means using less gasoline and creating less air pollution which is better for the environment and I am saving money by using less gasoline.

Green Highlights:
  • using less gasoline
  • creating less air pollution
  • saving money      
Do you have a mulching blade on your lawn mower?